If they care, they’ll make time. 

If it’s important to them, you’ll know. 

Some people spend far too much time waiting for something to happen that just won’t. I know first hand. My thoughts are often similar to this-

I want you to put some effort in. I want this to be a two way street. I want you to care as much about investing in the friendship as I do. I don’t want all my efforts to be for nothing. I know that they say “if they really care they’ll make time for you” but I keep hoping that maybe that’s not always the case. I give them the benefit of the doubt more often than not. I want you to want to hang out with me or want to talk to me about life. I want to hear about your life as much as you hear about mine. I also want you to know that it hurts when it seems like you don’t care or aren’t putting any effort in. Even if you don’t have time, at least shoot me a text and say hi and try to plan something for another time. If you say you’re my friend, just treat me like one. That’s all I ask. 

Yet I know that at some point we all have to learn to let these things go. Because why put so much effort into something that just brings you down? It’s not healthy. So do something that betters your mind, body, or spirit and always remember your life is in God’s very capable hands. 

Love and blessings,