This is a real question. It’s a question we as Christians all know the answer to. Yet it’s one of the hardest things to remember in a world where we have free will and therefore have to make the hard decisions day in and day out.

We live in a world that is broken. Period. It’s not debatable and it’s not hard to see. But still it seems like everyday we are walking through our lives trying so hard to ignore that brokenness. We pretend it isn’t there because society has created this idea that being broken isn’t acceptable.


Yes, there is no denying that living surrounded by a fallen world is hard and heartbreaking. Sure, it can be scary. But even in moments when the last thing on our list is turning our focus to Him, that’s actually exactly what we need to do most.

Make. Time.

Whether that means finding a great daily devotional to commit to, memorizing a verse each day, dedicating your morning commute to being in silence with God, etc. it is important that we each find something. Because Jesus is our anchor, our hope, and our peace. He is our escape. And if we want to stop feeling so overwhelmed by this world, there’s only one way to do so.

Love and Blessings,