•The Lord blesses His people with peace• Psalm 29:11

Since I’ve been in college, I have spent more time really paying attention to the little God-moments of life. I can’t say if they’ve become more frequent or if I’ve simply become more observant. Regardless, they never cease to stop me in my tracks, and sometimes even bring me to my knees. Sometimes it’s a big thing and sometimes it’s as simple as one or two words or a smile. They come in all shapes and sizes, and each is just as important as the last.

Yesterday seemed to be a big one.

I had been working really hard all day to not let my anxiety control my mind. Sometime in the evening I decided to go for a walk. On my way out the door I noticed something on a poster that made me curious about something. In an attempt to find the answer without having to text anyone, I proceeded to look back through old photos on Facebook. In the process I haphazardly came across a photo that made me stop.

It was almost identical to one that was taken at my baptism.

Naturally, I then lost track of what I was trying to figure out and turned my focus to looking through all the pictures from my baptism. Whist doing so I pulled out my artsy Bible and was flipping through it. I came across a verse that stood out to me, and I just had a feeling I needed to do something kind.

So, I proceeded to get out my stationary and write four cards to some girls I know who I felt needed to hear that they were loved and appreciated and that God has great plans for their lives. I purposely didn’t sign them, because why draw attention to myself when the focus was intended to be on the Lord? So I finished them and slipped them under their doors.

Right before I went to bed, I noticed something about that old Facebook photo that I hadn’t earlier. The day and time of her baptism.

Year- 2014. I was baptized one year later in 2015.

Month- October. Wow, I was baptized in October too!

Day- 4th. Aka the first Saturday in October. Funny, I was baptized on the 3rd, the first Saturday in October.

Time- 7am. I don’t remember exactly what time mine was, but I know I was up and outside before 8am.

Freaky, right?

I don’t think my mind slowed down enough to realize this as slowly as I wrote it, but I remember reading the caption and immediately having tears rolling down my face. There was God, saying “Hello down there! I see you and I know your heart and I just wanted to remind you that I’m still here and I make things happen for a reason. I’m working in your life even when you can’t see it!”

And then something else happened.

I woke up sometime after 1am to go get water and when I turned around to go back into my room I noticed a piece of paper on my door. With a Bible verse. It said “The Lord blesses His people with peace.” Yup! There He was again saying “I see you and you are loved.” And I did have peace last night, peace I hadn’t had for quite a few days because of my anxiety. God is good. 

I have to say, it’s the little things that often have the biggest impact. So I encourage you to be looking for the ways God might be trying to tell you that He sees you and loves you and knows your heart. Because I would venture to guess that if you trust in Him and pay attention, you’ll hear the whispers.

Peace, Love, and Blessings,